Blocksmith for Education

Empowering Classrooms Everywhere

With children’s minds and hands constantly consuming the creative work of game developers, it’s time to turn the tables and cultivate their passion for their own creations!


What Teachers are Saying

We pride ourselves on being hands-on, engaging, and exciting when we teach children. When it comes to choosing between engineering, robotics, and all the other options we have, students consistently start and stick with Blocksmith over any other course. It's our best learning tool by all accounts.

Grant Hathaway, Geeko Labs


Unprecedented Classroom Engagement

Our Education Edition provides you with everything to make your teaching experience smooth and highly intriguing for your students to engage. 


Our 21st-century approach to education is actively used by homeschoolers, in schools, and in STEM camps nationwide. It offers a highly accessible path for students to learn about 3D modeling, animations, and programming, before starting with advanced programs like Unity3D and Unreal.


Everything You Need

Ready-to-Go Curriculum and Resources

Blocksmith provides teachers of all backgrounds with the tools necessary to bring the fun and excitement of Video Game Design into their classroom. Designed from the ground up to be a premier educational tool, Blocksmith can be implemented in just a few hours.


Build 3D Games

Purpose-Built for All Experience Levels

The BlocksmithXR Builder software takes the most powerful tools and complex game design concepts, such as animation, programming, networking, and 3D modeling, and delivers them in an accessible package for any age or skill level. Students can create fantastic games and experiences in minutes (and continue to learn with them for weeks)!


In-Class, Online, or Both

As Flexible as You Will Ever Need

You start by choosing from a vast array of the available curriculum for your students. Then, students follow curriculum in their builder software as they are working. Tracking progress is all done from your Domain. This makes it easy to teach in any class format. Blocksmith can be used on windows, mac, and Chromebook, so you can run it on any classroom or home computer.

Blocksmith Classroom Learning Game Design

Your Class, Your Domain

Manage Everything with Domains

Domains for your School, Classroom, or Group are set up as Workspaces, with you as the administrator. Workspaces allow you to assign student seats, track student progress, and much more. The interface is made easy so you can do what you want without getting lost in any technical weeds.

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